Premcem Gums, established in 1960 and headquartered in Mumbai, is one of the pioneer manufacturer exporters of Guar Gum from India.

Our production facilities at Ahmedabad and Gandhidham have a current production capacity of 23,000 MT / year (4.2 million lbs / month) and are certified for ISO 9001, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, FSSAI. They are also Sedex audited and certified.

We export various grades of Guar Gum for use in industries such as oil & gas, processed food, pet food, civil explosives, erosion control, mining, etc. Our Fast Hydrating Guars are extensively used for hydraulic fracturing/fracking in the shale oil & gas industry in USA and Russia. Our product range also includes Cassia Gum, Gum Ghatti, Psyllium Husk, Tamarind Kernel Powder, Sesbania Gum, CMC and Pentaerythritol.

Our mission is to build long-term relationships with customers, based on trust, integrity and reliability.

We follow ethical business practices in dealing with customers and raw material suppliers. We are renowned for our consistent quality and transparency. Our strong focus on these values and a no-compromises approach to quality, has made us a supplier of choice for Guar Gum (and other products) multinational corporations across the globe.

Our History

1960 – Mumbai plant

Our first production facility was set up in 1960 in Mumbai. At this facility, we started by producing Guar splits and subsequently, moved to producing Guar Gum powder with viscosity around 3000 cps.

1989 – Ahmedabad plant

In 1989, we set up our second plant at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, to produce Guar Gum with viscosity around 5000 cps. Around the mid 1990s, the installed capacity of this plant was doubled.

1997 – Gandhidham plant

In 1997, we set up a third plant at Gandhidham, Gujarat, to produce both Guar Gum and Cassia Gum. This 5 acre site now houses our newest and largest production facility and 81,000 sq ft of warehousing area. Located on India’s National Highway 8A, it is a mere 15 km from Kandla Port, and just 100 km from the state-of-the-art Mundra Port, making it ideal for export shipments.

2010 – Fast Hydrating Guar production commences

By 2010, with new machinery and process improvements, we commenced production of Fast Hydrating Guar with Fann viscosity 35-40 cps and Brookfield viscosity up to 7500 cps.

2013 – New exclusive plant for Fast Hydrating Guar production

Towards the end of 2011, in quick response to the significant rise in demand for Fast Hydrating Guar from the hydraulic fracturing industry, we began construction of a new plant to exclusively produce Fast Hydrating Guar. This plant commenced production in the first quarter of 2013 and produces 35-40 cps, 40-45 cps and free-flowing 35-40 cps.