An Introduction

Gum Ghatti is a complex natural polysaccharide. It is the exudate of Anogeissus latifolia, a large tree, of the Combretaceae family, native to the dry deciduous forests of India.

It is an exudate that has been in use for a long time and derives its name from the word ‘ghats’, which means passes, through which it used to be transported.

After picking, the exudate is dried in the sun. It is then classified by colour, size and amount of adhering bark or impurity. The tears are mechanically processed to remove adhering bark and sand and then ground and blended to suit different applications.

Gum Ghatti has good emulsifying properties, which serve as the basis for most of its applications.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

The exudate is amorphous and translucent in appearance and is commonly found in colours ranging from yellowish-white to reddish-brown. Gum Ghatti powder ranges from buff white to tan brown in colour. It has a bland taste and practically no odour.

Gum Ghatti is a complex polysaccharide having a high molecular weight. It is a calcium-magnesium salt composed of L-arabinose, D-galactose, D-mannose, D-xylose, and D-glucuronic acid in a molar ratio of 10:6:2:1:2 and traces (less than 1%) of 6-deoxyhexose. The molecules appear to have an overall rod shape in solution.

Solubility & Viscosity

Gum Ghatti disperses in hot or cold water to form a colloidal sol when in concentrations of 5% or greater. The dispersions are more viscous than those of Gum Arabic and less viscous than those of Gum Karaya.


Gum Ghatti is compatible with other plant hydrocolloids, as well as proteins and carbohydrates.


Auto Polish and Wax Emulsions

Gum Ghatti is used as a stabiliser in auto polishes. It is also used to emulsify petroleum and non-petroleum waxes to form liquid and wax paste emulsions.

Varnishes and Water Barrier

Gum Ghatti is widely used in wax coating and barrier applications.


Gum Ghatti is used in beverage emulsions where it forms fairly thick emulsions with products that are otherwise difficult to emulsify.

Table Syrup Emulsions

Gum Ghatti is used to stabilize such emulsions which contain about 2% butter.

Gum Ghatti Grades from Premcem

Gum Ghatti is offered as a fine powder with controlled ash content and differing solubility and viscosity levels.