Everything you need to know about cassia gum and its many applications

Cassia gum powder is the flour derived from the seeds of cassia obtusifolia, otherwise known as Cassia tora. The flour consists of (+-) 75% polysaccharide which is primarily galactomannan and entails a mannose: galactose ratio of 5:1.

The majority of the world has approved cassia gum as a food additive

The first country to approve cassia gum as a safe food additive was Japan. The nation approved cassia gum back in 1995. The decision came from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The United States is yet to approve cassia gum as a safe food additive.

The European Union, back in 2010, approved cassia gum thus marking the naturally obtained food additive safe for human (and animal) consumption.

Detailed applications of cassia gum

The detailed applications of cassia gum are as follows –

Industrial uses

Several industrial sectors around the world use cassia gum as a thickening agent. The additive also works well as an emulsifier, foam stabilizer and an efficient moisture retention agent.

Uses in the cosmetic product manufacturing industry

Cassia powder also finds extensive application in the cosmetic product manufacturing sector. This naturally sourced additive is used to produce functional cosmetic products that can treat a myriad of skin problems like –

  • Acne and
  • Eczema

Furthermore, cassia powder is also used as an additive in several hair care products that are promoted to boost hair growth and scalp health.

Uses in the alternate medicine

Cassia powder also finds a lot of use in the alternate medicine industry. For instance, cassia powder is used to treat –

  • Digestive illness
  • Respiratory illness and
  • Gynecological diseases.

Cassia powder has time and again been used as a form of an alternative solution by people to treat constipation as the natural additive helps in the regulation of bowel movements. Cassia powder also has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties thus making it perfect for treating colic and ringworm. There are also alternate medicinal products out there that use cassia powder as the primary ingredient to help people maintain their blood sugar levels.

Uses in the pet food industry

In the pet food manufacturing industry, cassia gum is primarily used as a gelling agent. When added to pet food formulas, pastes and pellets, cassia gum helps the product to retain its intended texture and thickness, especially in wet canned pet food meant for cats and dogs.

Cassia gum powder manufacturers in India and the rest of the world also supply high quality cassia gum to industrial plants associated with the production of processed meat products and poultry products.

Uses in the dairy and processed frozen food industry

Cassia gum manufacturer in India also finds extensive applications as a natural preservative that helps keep dairy and processed frozen food products fit for consumption for a long time. Cassia gum is also used to produce cheese ice creams and sherbets.

Uses in the air freshener industry

Cassia gum is also used to produce gel-based air fresheners.


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