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Monsoon progressing well, Guar prices stable for now

The Indian Southwest Monsoon has been progressing well this year. Due to the significant decline in prices for Guar seeds/splits, and also due to the significant decline in Guar Gum export from India, the total area that has been brought under Guar cultivation this year has also declined significantly and which be seen below: Rajasthan  […]

Psyllium Husk prices at an all-time high!

In our Psyllium Seed – 2016 Crop Report which was published on 12-Apr-16, we had estimated that the crop this year would be about 25% – 30% less as compared to last year. Based on the arrivals in the last 3.5 months, the above figures seem fairly accurate. Up until now, a total of 1.25 […]

Psyllium Seed – 2016 Crop Report

Based on information collected in the field, we believe that this year’s Psyllium crop is going to be 25-30% less than that of last year. State-wise crop figures are given below. Rajasthan is THE leading producer of Psyllium seed in India and the Psyllium seed produced in Rajasthan is considered to be of very good […]

Guar Gum – all the bad news seems to be priced in!

The world is in turmoil and the Guar industry is no exception. Please see the chart below which depicts Guar splits prices (in USD/MT) from Jan-15 to Feb-16.   During the period shown above North American Rig Count has dropped from 1811 to 763 – down nearly 58% Brent Crude has dropped from $56.42 to […]

Guar Splits and Crude Oil – both at near 7 year lows!

With crude oil prices falling to near 7 year low, and U.S. Rig Count down by 37% from the same time (12-Dec-14) last year, prospects for the Guar Gum industry are not looking good. Following the decline in crude oil prices, the resultant evaporation of Guar demand from the hydraulic fracturing industry and the more […]

Guar Crop 2015 Report

Hello everyone We are writing to bring to you the First Round Report, or the “Dipstick Round”, of Guar seed estimation, commissioned by the nodal Indian Government Agency for Guar Gum export, SHEFEXIL, and carried out by The Nielsen Company. The sample size for this report was 393 farmers (details given below) Rajasthan 170 Haryana 60 Gujarat […]

Guar Market & Indian Southwest Monsoon Update

Hello all It has been quite a while since our last Guar Market Update! The price movement for Guar splits from the beginning of 2015 is depicted in the chart below. As the North American Rotary Rig Count declined steeply from the beginning of Jan-15, Guar splits prices followed. There was a brief respite for […]

Swati Vaidya retires after more than 31 years at Premcem!

Swati Vaidya retires after spending over 31 years at Premcem! The occasion was celebrated with a farewell lunch where everyone spoke about their favourite moments with Swatiben. She has been a very important part of the “Premcem family” and we wish her the very best for the years to come!

IEA’s Medium-Term Oil Market Report released

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released its Medium-Term Oil Market Report on 10-Feb-15. Some highlights: Non-OPEC production more responsive to price swings and sets the stage for a relatively swift recovery US shale industry may be “stronger” in 2020 Light Tight Oil (LTO) the new swing producer Global demand to grow slightly faster than supply […]